• Burning your Quofic Candle for the first time

Congratulations on your first Quofic Candle! To enjoy the full benefits of a Quofic Candle, we recommend burning your Quofic Candle for more than three (3) hours during your first use or until the top layer of soy wax has completely melted into an even “pool”. The first “burn” will set the stage for the life of your Quofic Candle, and will ensure that the rest of your Quofic Candle will burn evenly, preventing the dreaded “tunnelling effect” (where the edges of a Quofic Candle never burn, and you only get a “tunnel” down the middle).

  • How long should I burn my Quofic Candle for?

It is recommended that you burn your Quofic Candle for no more than three (3) to four (4) hours each time. This should be sufficient time to perfume your room with our pure 100% essential oils, while preserving the life of your Quofic Candle and ensuring that you are able to keep an eye out for any potential hazards and dangers.

  • Where should I burn my Quofic Candle?

Always take all necessary safety precautions when burning your Quofic Candle, and such precautions would depend on the environment that you are using your Quofic Candle. For example, you should burn your Quofic Candle on a heat resistant surface, away from flammable materials and away from drafts and windy areas. Please refer to our safety label at the bottom of each Quofic Candle for more information.

  • Why does my Quofic Candle have white patches or spots?

“Frosting” or polymorphism (as scientifically described) appears as white spots or patches on your Quofic Candle. Don’t worry! This is not uncommon and is characteristic of 100% soy wax candles. “Frosting” occurs as a result of the formation of crystalline structures as the soy wax cools during production, as soy wax looks for to create the most stable structure possible during cooling. While some companies “combat” the effects of polymorphism by blending their candle wax with chemical by-products, we do not believe in tainting the composition of our Quofic Candles, and are proud to call them 100% pure soy wax candles.

  • How do I properly store my Quofic Candle?

Although the idea seems cool, do not store your Quofic Candle in the refrigerator, or under very cold temperatures. If your Quofic Candle has been stored in a cold place, allow the jar to warm up to room temperature before burning. This allows the glass jars to maintain their structural integrity when your Quofic Candle starts to heat up during use. We would also recommend storing your Quofic Candle in a dry place away from direct sunlight (such as a drawer), as this will help your Quofic Candle maintain its natural colour.

  • Can I reuse a Quofic Candle glass jar?

We at Quofic Candle firmly believe in recycling and sustainability, and encourage all our customers to use our Quofic Candle jars (once the soy wax has been used up to the point where it should be discontinued (please see the next FAQ point)) as beautiful storage containers around the house. However, the empty glass jar should not be reused to make another candle, as the structural integrity of the glass jar may be compromised after use.

  • Why should I discontinue the use of my Quofic Candle when about a centimetre of soy wax is remaining?

As your candle flame gets nearer and nearer to the bottom of your Quofic Candle, the glass jar would start to heat up excessively, and this may cause damage to your Quofic Candle (and pose a danger to you). Safety first!

  • Why is Quofic Candle made of 100% soy wax?

We believe in using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in making each Quofic Candle. Soy wax is believed to be more environmentally friendly as compared to paraffin wax, as paraffin candles (which is cheaper than soy candles and represents the choice of wax for some major manufacturers) are made from petroleum by-products and tend to emit chemical by-products into the air. Soy wax is an all-natural, renewable resource. Further, research has shown that soy wax burns longer than paraffin wax, and is able to hold more scent than paraffin wax.

  • Why is my Quofic Candle starting to produce excessive smoke?

This normally occurs when there is a draft (i.e. the place that your Quofic Candle is burnt is windy) or the wick has gotten too long. If your Quofic Candle is starting to create excessive smoke, we recommend that you (a) shift your Quofic Candle to an area which is less windy or (b) if the area is not windy, extinguish your Quofic Candle, allow the Quofic Candle to cool completely and trim the wick to a length of between 35mm to 65mm long.

  • There are air bubbles forming at the top and/or sides of my Quofic Candle. Is this normal?

Our Quofic Candles are made of 100% pure soy wax, which is all natural and is sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and moisture. As a result, soy wax tends to expand and contract with changes in temperature, which could cause air bubbles to form between the soy wax and the glass jar.