Quofic brand was eventually born in early 2013. 
Apart from aesthetics, the healing power of empowering quotes encouraged her to further develop the Quofic brand and with her love for essential oils and the soothing effect of scents, Hanan eventually created Quofic Candles. Scents have the amazing ability to evoke memories from as far back as our childhood, and we set out to recreate the warm, cosy and familiar atmosphere. 
Each Quofic Candle is individually hand poured with 100% pure organic soy wax and melted to the exact, perfect temperature and blended with only the purest of essential oils before being carefully and lovingly packaged in reinforced glass vessels and finished with our signature Quofic artwork, designed in-house by our professional team of artists and designers.
We believe in the power of healing through art and memories, and our products represent not what we do, but why we do it.